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Michelle offers pre and postnatal massage therapy services to support new mothers during the transformative journey of motherhood.

Pre Natal Massage Therapy

Pregnancy is a unique and transformational experience, but it can also come with a range of physical and emotional challenges. Prenatal massage, a specialized type of massage therapy designed for expectant mothers, can offer numerous benefits to support you throughout pregnancy.

Prenatal massage is known to help alleviate common pregnancy-related concerns such as low back pain, sciatica, swelling, and stress. By reducing physical discomfort and promoting relaxation, it can improve both the mother's and baby's well-being. This type of massage can also support the changes occurring in the body during pregnancy, such as increased blood volume and shifting of the pelvis which can help keep you moving and keep you more comfortable as your body is adapting and changing.

Post Partum Massage Therapy

Our postpartum massage services are designed to help new parents address physical and emotional changes after childbirth. Michelle provides treatments for scar tissue health, breast massage, and general infant massage while also offering guidance for nursing mothers.

Her services can help you as a new parent to alleviate pain, heal emotionally and physically, and improve bonding with your little one. Massage therapy in the post partum period can provide effective pain relief for you and help you to prioritize your well-being while navigating this transformative period.

Your Investment

  • Initial Assessment (60 min, includes Assessment and Treatment) $95
  • 30 minutes $65
  • 45 minutes $80
  • 60 minutes $95
  • 75 minutes $115
  • 90 minutes $130

From pregnancy to parenthood - experience the benefits of massage therapy every step of the way.

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